Geza Hosszu Legocky

Already impresses the most demanding audiences whilst affirming a non-conventional mind-set with various musical genres. Born in Switzerland as an american citizen from Hungarian-Ukrainian parents, Geza Hosszu Legocky began to attract the audience at the age of 6, after entering the Vienna Music Academy as an especially gifted violin prodigy.

At the age of 7

He toured with the Udine Chamber Orchestra in Italy where he shocked his first audiences with his special gift for the violin. At the age of 10 he won the 1st prize at the international competition “Prima la Musica” which presented him to a wider audience. A year later, Francois Gerard invited him to play in the Hollywood movie “The Red Violin” alongside with actor Samuel L. Jackson.

At the age of 12

he is invited to perform at the famous Verbier Music Festival as a special guest performer with legendary Ida Haendel and Vadim Repin.

At the age of 14

he made his big debute performances with the NHK Philharmonic Orchestra with Charles Dutoit, and also with other Orchestras such as The Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra under M.w.Chung, The Swiss-Italian Radio Orchestra under Jacek Kapszsyk, just to name a few. Geza had also the great privilege to collaborate on projects with Chamber Orchestras such as The Kremerata Baltica, performing the Bach Concerto No.1 at the great “Salle Pleyel” in Paris.

His exceptional gift

gift for music and his capacity to transmit his emotions directly into the heart of his audiences lead him to work in his early career with living legends such as Martha Argerich, Mischa Maisky, Charles Dutoit, Yehudi Menuhin, Ruggiero Ricci, Ivry Gitlis and Ida Haendel. The latter has described Geza as the most gifted Violinist not only of our time, but she also compared him to the golden age violinists, for instance, Jascha Heifetz, Yehudi Menuhin, Nathan Milstein, Ivry Gitlis...

In 2001

he has been chosen to take part at the Dorothy Delay Symposium at the great Juilliard School of Music in New York, and has been acclaimed to be the most gifted violinist of his age not only by Dorothy Delay but by american violinist Robert Mcduffie as well, who invited him a few months later to perform at the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado for millions of listeners.

His intention

in bringing his qualities in classical music to other genres such as folk, gypsy, jewish, Jazz and even Pop music has made him an unique figure. In 2003 he founded a gypsy-jewish Group, “The 5 DeViLs”, for a Project in Switzerland at the Progetto Argerich, and he had an immediate success. The concert was recorded by EMI classics and was chosen among grammy nomination. One year later he came back to the same festival to perform the Schumann Sonata No.1 with legendary pianist Martha Argerich, and it was chosen as best chamber music performance of the year 2004. Since than he has toured all over Europe, South America, The United States and Asia.

In 2005

Geza gives his first german recital tour with Martha Argerich in Heidelberg Concert Hall and at the famuos Ruhr festival in Dortmund performing The Franck Violin Sonata and the Schumann Violin Sonata No.1 followed by encores by Fritz Kreisler.

In 2008

2008 just before Geza’s wedding, he makes his Beethoven Violin Concerto debut with the Lorenzo da Ponte Symphony Orchestra with a huge success and a standing ovation, which gave him an affect of searching for a string orchestra that has classical trained, professional “gypsy or sinti Roma” players from symphony orchestras all over the world, with a purpose of giving a beautiful, unknown message to the mainstream media, which has been manipulated to promote and introduce Roma and Sinti gypsies as folklore musicians or travellers or basically of ethnicity coming from India, without intellectual education - “except of their incredible influence on folk music, which the gypsies enriched all over Europe".

Geza felt something should be done

done about this matter and went on to search for an classical chamber orchestra with only gypsy players from all around Europe, which he was lucky to find in Frankfurt in Germany which was then called “Das Roma und Sinti Kammerochester” founded already since 2001 by Riccardo M. Sahiti, to who Geza was introduced and an immediate collaboration began to start with two concerts with the chamber orchestra and the founder Riccardo Sahiti conducting the two concerts. Geza has invited the press from Germany, and after the second concert's success a new possibility and idea followed to enrich the string orchestra to a symphonic orchestra Concert at the Kurhaus Concert Hall in Wiesbaden Germany, where Geza has invited Martha Argerich, to support that wonderful idea, and Michael Guttman to conduct a part of the concert which included also Gezalius performing with his 5 DeVils Ensemble.

ARTE filmed the concert

and asked in an interview what his future ideas would be. He responded “To make the people wake up to the reality of the gypsies. Their incredible gift to music should be promoted intellectually now as their first symphonic orchestra exists and not promote the worst "kitsch" out of the Roma people”. After a few month in Geza was invited to the famous Bonn Beethoven festival to invite the best young “Gypsy” classical players to give a Solo performance with the new Roma-Sinti Philharmonic Orchestra, where Geza & the founder Mr. Sahiti has invited the young genius double base player Roman Patkolo, who has been doing his studies since the age of 13 at the Munich Academy of Music supported by the great Anne Sophie Mutter and her Foundation. The romanian pianist Michaela Ursuleasa, who was as a child prodigy accepted at the Vienna Academy at the age of 7 years and did her debut with the most important orchestras in Europe and the USA, and finally Roby Lakatos the Showman of the gypsies who came to perform with Geza at the end of the concert his arrangement of the “Czardas” by Monti at the next concert at the Frankfurt radio Concert Hall. The next concerts followed at the famous Yehudi Menuhin Festival in Gstaad, where a children gypsy chorus from the Czech Republic was invited to give a special effect to the Gstaad audiences by not only singing but also dancing. The success followed by ARTE asking the permission to film a documentary on the story of the Roma and Sinti Philharmonic Orchestra.

From 2009

Geza is signed with a japanese music agency "Concert Imagine" and from 2010 making his big Concerto Debut with the Tokyo Symphony orchestra performing the Scottish Fantasy by Max Bruch, conducted by Henry Fischer followed by his debut performance of the Glazunov Violin Concerto. He has toured Japan with his gypsy ensemble "The 5 DeVils" giving a sold out tour of six concerts, including a performance at the great Suntory Concert Hall in Tokyo.

In 2010

Geza returned to the Salle Pleyel in Paris to perform a “Concert de Tango”, broadcasted by Mezzo and Arte. This concert was attended by the legendary film music composer Michel Legrand, who invited him to perform alongside his wife, the renowned harpist Catherine Michel, his own works, such as the famous “Umbrellas of Cherbourg”, “Summer of 42” and some of his Oscar nominated movie compositions.

The same year

Geza has been chosen to play a Stradivarius Violin dating 1715, which belonged to legendary hungarian Violinist “Joseph Joachim” and was lent to him by the Nippon Music Foundation, and gives his Debut with the Stradivarius at the Louvre Auditorium in Paris performing Bach Concerto and 2 Hungarian dances by Brahms.

In summer

Geza gives his Debut at the great Sala Verdi in Milan with Martha Argerich calling the titel of the concert "The genius & the Diva performing the The Debussy, Franck Violin Sonata and the famous "Kreutzer Sonata" by Beethoven. Since May 2011, Gezalius has been spending a lot of energy to form an exceptional orchestra of young prodigy soloists in Budapest, the “Bohemian Virtuosi”.

In 2012

Geza and his Bohemian Virtuosi Ensemble, gave four concerts in Italy, including the Festival in Ravello where he invited Martha Argerich to perform with him the Beethoven Violin Sonata No.8 and the Debussy Violin Sonata aswell as variations and improvisations with his Virtuosi. In 2012 Geza makes his recital Tour with his hungarian Pianist from the Bohemian Virtuosi Ensemble, Rudolf, Czene, performing the Violin Sonatas by Faure, and Debussy and concert pieces by Sarasate, Saint-Saens and many more encore pieces at the Toppan Concert Hall in Tokyo, followed by a standing ovation. From Tokyo, Geza ends this tour with a performance of the Franck Sonata with Martha Argerich at the Beppu Argerich Festival.

In 2013

Geza makes his Debut in Kazakhstan, giving a four session masterclass and a concerto performance in Almaty with the Almaty Youth Symphony Orchestra, performing the Wieniawsky Violin Concerto No.2, conducted by the gifted young Clarinetist Valentin Uryupin.

In 2014

he returns to perform a Tour in Almaty and Astana, both Concerts at the big Stadium Concert Halls, both with a 200 member symphony orchestra and the Kazakh Folk Symphony Orchestra, performing the Preludium & Allegro by F.Kreisler and the famous "Czardas" by Monti" with a standing ovation.

Since then

Geza has made Debuts at the famous Cartagena Music Festival in Columbia with his Bohemian Virtuosi alongside performing with the Borodin String Quartet and Pianist Sergei Babayan, continued by a special Project in Minsk, Belarussia where he was followed by the Tv from his arrival and gave a morning tv show appearance. The concert was sold out bringing his Virtuosi repertory to the Belarusian Chamber orchestra conducted by Evgeny Bushkov, ending the concert with a standing ovation and 4 encore pieces. Video available on Youtube " Gezalius Minsk Concert".

In 2015

Geza makes his Mexican Debut with the Jalisco Symphony Orchestra performing 4 Concerto Concerts with a rare success. 2 conducted by S.Kim Principal Conductor of the Flanders Symphony Orchestra and Roberto Minczuk, Artistic Director of the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro.

In summer 2015

Geza is invited the first time to play with his Gypsy Group "The 5 DeVils" at the Lenzburg Music Festival in Switzerland, from where he took of to the Progeto Argerich to perform 3 Concerts, from which the last concert was a performance of the Bartok Romanian dances with Martha Argerich on the piano, which was recorded by Warner Classics & Erato, being still in production, a video has been live streamed on YouTube by the Italian-Swiss Radio.

In 2016

Gezalius is invited to the first Violin Festival in Paris, called "Le Printemps du Violon" organized by Violinist and Director of the Festival Anton Martynov with who he performs a recital at the Theatre Adyar a Mozart Sonata Program. In October he is invited at the famous Stradivari Violin Festival in Cremona in Italy to perform his debut with the Bohemian Virtuosi, where Vadim Repin, Leonidas Kavakos & Nigel kennedy who gave their own Violin piano recital concerts. Geza received for his Bohemian Virtuosi a sold out concert and a standing ovation, continued by three encores.

In 2017

Gezalius was invited for an exclusive project for the memory of the jewish Holocaust by the Unescu Foundation to perform at the "Maison de la Poesie" concert hall as a homage to Elie Wiesel, performing Solo Works by E. Bloch between readings of Elie Wiesel by world famous actor: Michael Lonsdale, with who Geza has already participated a project at the Crans Montana Festival, where he was honored to be an artistic director to the music festival "Sommet du Classique au Jazz" founded by president of the festival, Chrisine Rey and as honorary president, none other than Michel Legrand himself.

In August

Gezalius opened his new project "From Show Pieces to Film Music", beginning a concert on the 8th of August in Crans Montana, Switzerland for an Homage to Michel Legrand with the Sommet du Classique Chamber Orchestra conducted by Sebastian Bagneug. Directly after finishing this Homage, Gezalius visits the first time South Korea, where he is invited to give a Masterclass and two concerts at the great Daejeon Art Center Concert Hall with the Seoul Chamber Orchestra, performing and conducting his "Concerto Show Pieces".

After his Korean Project

Geza is honored to participate at the famous 2017 EXPO in Astana for 3 concerts with a 250 member symphony orchestra performing film music such as "I will Wait for you" by Michel Legrand, "Schindlers List" by John Willimas, and 2 grandioso virtuoso pieces called Perpetuo Mobile and the famous Hora Staccato. Ending his expo performance with the Kazakh Folk Symphony Orchestra.


Geza performs on a “Lorenzo & Tomasso Carcassi” Violin dating 1766, which was generously purchased to him by Michael Guttman. He resides in Lausanne, Switzerland with his three kids.